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A great fortification strengthened

Built on the mountain side, the lower section was reinforced during the 17th and the 18th centuries by a surrounding wall. A round tower was added (Porte de France), as well as a fortified place that leads to another access (Porte de Genève).

The terrace on the top of Porte de France tower offers an exceptional view overlooking the Rhône Valley. To protect the top section of the fort from an attack coming from the mountain, buildings were constructed in the middle or the 19th century. New living quarters were therefore available.

1165 steps cut in the rock form an underground staircase which connects the two forts. Several artillery bunkers complete the fort’s defences.

Fort l’Ecluse is an official conservation site and nowadays the remains of several centuries of military constructions can be seen with its towers, look out turrets, loopholes, watchtowers, casemates and ammunition stores. Your visit to Fort l’Ecluse will be a perfect opportunity to discover the way of life if 150 men who made up the garrison, the importance and the diversity of the defence systems and the troops retreat.